Aston Martin RapidE, future Tesla killer or last chance to save the brand ?

Aston Martin recently revealed the RapidE, a new version of the Rapide, 100% electric, and, of course, 0 emissions.


Actually, Aston Martin is still losing money : with a context of hard emission limitations, CO2 chasing and, by the way, speed limitations, it’s really hard to be a small carmaker, producing cars with a … uhhh, V8 or V12 (I prefer not to mention the Stylet, the “full leather” Toyota IQ city car).

Tesla is geting stronger and stronger with the model S, and is actually a serious challenger for premium limousine carmakers such Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Maserati…

They have to produce something better than Tesla : motor and/or range performance, handling and technological driving assistants…

That’s a lot of things, and now Aston Martin should be called “newcomer” on the automotive market ! They have to learn how to build an electrical car, of course, but above all they have to make one of the best electrical car on the market !

As they’re still losing money making excellent cars with a perfect balance between style, comfort, handling and performance, revealing a full electric car is not a subtile marketing strategy : it’s a matter of survival.

Official communication from Aston Martin :

Winter Tires 2015 : And the best is? (Independent test)

Each time autumn comes, the TCS (Touring Club Suisse: Switzerland’s automotive club) publish the results of their winter tires tests.

These tests are really independant, with detailed notation.

The only bad point is that only 2 sizes are tested : 165/70 R14 and 205/55 R16.

Theses tests are expensive, and choosing the most common sizes and the main manufacturer is probably the best thing to do.


The best are, in all categories:

Continental WinterContact TS850

Yokohama V905

GoodYear Ultragrip 9

Nokian WR D3

Bridgestone Blizzak LM001

Michelin Alpin A4

Dunlop SP Winter Response 2


All the results can be found at the TCS website :



Happy Birthday Jeannot !

This year, the famous pilot Jean Ragnotti turns 70.

Jean Ragnotti Twingo

His careers started in the 60’s with a Renault 8 Gordini, and actually… he’s still driving the latest Renault Sport cars !

A love story, and a fantastic carrer, resumed on the Groupe Renault website :

Jeannot Clio




Toyota S-FR will be the best budget sports car on the market ? Maybe…

Toyota actually didn’t gave all the information about the future S-FR, a light and small sport car for Japan market (and probably US/Europe later, with different specs).

Toyota S-FR

But the revealed some interesting facts :

  • Weight : 980kg
  • 130PS / torque
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • Price in Japan : 10000$ (USD equivalent)


You can find more informations here :


Comment le style de la Citroën CX se retrouve dans une MacLaren F1?

Ah, la Citroën CX…

Jacques Chirac, grand amateur de CX (et ancien président de la République Française).

En tant qu’amateur, tout comme l’ancien président de la France, de Citroën, j’avoue que revoir une CX me rappelle d’excellent souvenirs. Les départ en vacances, qui se faisaient alternativement en DS ou CX, le confort magistral, les places arrières me permettant tout à la fois de m’asseoir correctement et avoir une glacière devant moi… Mais par contre, vraiment aucun lien avec une voiture sportive, et encore moins une supercar ! Et pourtant…


Regardez attentivement ces quelques bijoux automobiles, reconnus tout autant pour leur style que leurs performances exceptionnelles.

Jaguar XJ 220


Maclaren F1
La MacLaren F1 de Rowan Atkinson


Venturi 260 LM
Venturi 260 LM


Aston Martin Virage
Aston Martin Virage


Renault Sport Spider
Renault Sport Spider


1993 TVR Griffith 500
TVR Griffith 500

Alors, vous avez vu ?

Eh oui, les rétroviseurs ! De nombreuses années avant la BMW M3 E36 -dont on a retrouvé les rétroviseurs sur une bonne partie des voitures tuning des 90’s- le rétroviseur de la CX s’est retrouvé sur de très nombreux modèles, beaucoup plus prestigieux et flatteurs qu’une Peugeot 205 diesel rose saumon…


Les raisons de ce choix furent multiples : outre bien évidemment le style, l’aérodynamique fût particulièrement travaillée, et de nombreux constructeurs ont préféré récupérer une pièce existante de qualité plutôt que d’en développer une nouvelle, fatalement plus couteuse.

Mais de là à se sentir dans une McLaren lorsqu’on “pilote” une CX 25 TRD, il ne faut peut-être pas exagérer…

CX 25 ukraina

New Ford Focus RS : 350hp, 350LB.-FT, and a not so manual gearbox.

Ford revealed today the final specs for the new Focus RS, and, thanks to the overboost, they are really massive, according to its brutal style !


350hp, 350LB.-FT, with a 2.3 4L motor is a performance.

But the most surprising is maybe one detail on the gearbox : it’s not really a manual gearbox, the clutch is electrically driven.

So there will be no need for drivers to manually restart the engine or move the gear selector to neutral as : the clutch system simply pushes the clutch back in.

Find more information on Ford website :


Supercar with drone revealed at CES 2016

Swiss car manufacturer Rinspeed will reveal Etos, a concept car with… a drone !

You can see the landing zone just behind the roof on this photo.


Probably the best way to make beautiful videos of the car on the road, without paying a professional helicopter pilot !

Inside the cockpit, you’re on a futuristic universe, and you have the possibility to hide the steering wheel.


Maybe the best way to be concentrated on the Harman media system, but that’s probably less useful to enjoy the performance of the BMW i8, the technical basis chosen by Frank M.Rinderknecht, the founder of Rinspeed.